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Thursday, 27 January 2011

" A Winters Wedding" by Sharon Owens

This is the first novel I have read by Sharon Owens and once I started reading it I couldn't put it down.
We have the main character Emily who I instantly fell in love with and we know she is hiding or holding back emotional scars which she later confronts and deals with, with the help of new love Dylan. Another character we meet is Arabella, Emily's boss and best friend, through the book we see how Arabella becomes more and more dependant on Emily's good nature and kind heart.
The books opens with Emily decluttering her flat and how she feels its good for the soul and helps to move on and this is how we and Emily are introduced to Dylan who works at the charity shop and their relationship slowly develops.
Dylan seems to good to be true but he is not and I think this is one of reasons I love this book, it shows true love really exists.
There are two other relationships this book deals with, the relationship between Emily and her parents and Emily relationship with her boss and dear friend Arabella.
Emily opens up to Dylan about her strained relationship between her mother and father and how her mothers addiction to shopping and alcohol and her fathers addiction to gambling have always come before their daughter. However with the love, support and understanding from Dylan, Emily's relationship with her parents changes.
Next is Arabella, with her desire and struggle to have children and then her husband commits the ultimate betrayal but will Arabela's and Emily's friendship and work relationship be able survive the hatred and hurt that Arabella struggles to deal with?
The book deals with heartbreak, true love, friendships, parental angst, office wars, and revenge.
It story is slow to develop but i think this helps to build a relationship with all the characters, a truely wonderful read.

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