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Friday, 28 January 2011

"Twelve Days of Christmas" by Trisha Ashley

I received this book for Christmas from my mum and dad and decided as it was the festive period that I should read it and once I started, I did not want this story to end. I am secretly hoping that there will be a sequel to this.

The main character is aptly named Holly, a chef and house sitter who was brought up a Strange Baptist and never celebrated Christmas until she met her husband, but when he tragically died she wanted Christmas to be just a normal day. For the first time in years she decides to celebrate Christmas with her husbands sister, who has become her best friend. However a house sitting job becomes available in a manor in a quaint, remote village and Holly sees this as the perfect opportunity to escape the festivities. However as we all know things never go to plan, especially as the house belong to Jude Martland who is also avoiding Christmas.

Holly has also had to cope with the recent death of her grandma, Holly brings along her grans old journals and we begin to find out a lot about her past.

We are introduced to several interesting but lovable characters: Noel, Tilda and Jess who has been left with her grandparents over the Christmas period. Jess quickly befriends Holly. Merlin, a lurcher who Holly has to look after, he falls in love with Holly as much as we do.

When a heavy snow fall sets in Holly has no other option but to stay in the Manor with all Jude's relatives and Jude himself for Christmas but Holly soon realises that this is the best Christmas since she became a widow.
I loved this book and would highly recommend it, I think I enjoyed it even more because I see a lot of myself in Holly and would exactly what she does about the Christmas lunch. If you love Christmas and all the magic it brings then you will love this book!

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