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Sunday, 30 January 2011

"I Heart" series by Lindsay Kelk

I heart New York

The first book in this series is "I heart New York" and I have to admit the first thing that drew me to this book is the picture on the cover, the Empire State building, new york taxi's and the pinks and blues. Plus I LOVE New York!

The story begins with Angela discovering that her fiance has been cheating on her but worst of all her best friend knew. With what she believes to be nothing left for her in England she runs away to the Big Apple, New York. She takes residence in a fab New York hotel and befriends the receptionist Jenny. Jenny becomes Angela's life coach and teaches her the new york way and gives her a brand new makeover to go with her brand new life!

This story has the typical love story and Angela has to choose between two men and she lands a dream job, as a blogger at a glossy fashion magazine with an eccentric boss called Mary.

I love this book because of fairytale ending and the glamorous location of New York, a city that I have fallen in love with, Central Park, Empire State Building, Subway, Tiffany's and Statue of Liberty.

I would recommend this book to anyone who loves a fairytale romance, a new start and book you never want to end.

I heart Hollywood
We left Angela in New York with her new best friend Jenny, her dream job working and blogging for Look magazine and her gorgeous musician boyfriend Alex.
Angela's boss has the dream job for her to do go to Hollywood and interview Brit actor James Jacobs.
Jenny decides to go to Hollywood with her and what entails is a week of drinking, shopping and getting to know James. He are also introduced to "LK" Jame's PA with his witty one liners it makes for an amusing read.
We learn more about Jenny and with Alex waiting at home in New York writing to music is he going to get the wrong idea with the innocent but compromising photos taken by the paparazzi of Angela and James?
I thought I had worked out the ending of this novel but the twist at the end was fabulous.
A great read and a fabulous sequel.
I heart Paris
We are back with the lovable Angela and her life in New York, since her best friend has decided to set up a life in Los Angeles she has been at a bit of a loss but since her expose on actor James Jacobs her career is on the up.
Alex is about to celebrate a milestone birthday and gets a dream gig in Paris and since Angela seems to have all the luck in the world she too lands a dream job in the most romantic city in the world writing for Belle magazine.
Angela panics because she doesn't feel she has anything glamorous enough and enlists the help of Jenny to borrow some fabulous designer ones but as Angela soon learns live doesn't always to to plan. Worse is still to come when Angela learns that Alex's ex girlfriend is in Paris and she wants Alex back.
With no clothes, no make up and no laptop cable to write her article, her boyfriends love of his life back in his life and her old life just a trains ride away will Angela run away again?
I loved this book even more than the others and couldn't put it down, a perfect series of books to read by the pool or take to the beach.
I heart this series :)

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